Classy Erotic Stories 

Classy Erotic Stories contains a selection of writing designed to entertain and give pleasure to readers. Short stories and serial stories that follow recurring couples offer well-written tales with engaging characters to challenge readers and their notions of erotic entertainment.

The brain is our largest sex organ. Stimulate it - or better yet, let me do that for you. Good erotic stories, like any decent writing, establish a setting and build tension before the climax - describing in vivid detail every stroke, lick and thrust without overusing words like nipple and pikestaff.

Feedback on Classy Erotic Stories is welcome but please don’t contact me to simply tell me I’m going to hell. I know that already. I’m okay with it, really.

One more thing: this is fantasy. In erotica, there’s no such thing as sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy, so my characters sometimes don’t use condoms. You should. My stories are not guidebooks - if you want to try bondage, discipline, sado-masochism, please do your research, be respectful and agree on a safe word. Blueberry-muffin is a good choice.

I hope you find something that satisfies your craving. By all means, send me some story ideas and your opinions on what you like. I'm a bit pervy that way.

Short stories

Quick and dirty. Sex with younger men. Sex with older men. Sex with more than one man (sometimes at the same time).

Couples Erotica Stories

My recurring characters. For whatever reason, a one-night stand was not enough - I had to go back for seconds. This first group of stories features Tyler and Sarah exploring their deep-seeded psychological issues around control - see how that plays out as they play out their fantasies in these erotic tales.

Romantic Erotic Stories

These romantic erotic stories differ significantly from others on this site; they don't graphically depict sex but rather suggest it. They're designed to evoke feelings of first love, that rush of oxytocin that is so addicting about attraction.

Choose Your Erotic Adventure

Remember those books we had as kids, the ones where you were an explorer in the jungle and you were faced with some choice to go either direction at the fork in the road, and you got to choose by flipping to the corresponding page in the book? I do! I loved those things. Whenever I made the wrong choice and my character got caught by the jungle tribe, I'd flip back and quickly make the other choice.

You don't have to worry about that here - there's no cheating when choosing your erotic adventure.


Want to keep up on my latest creations? It's here that I post the latest stories, plus context and background as to how these tales came about, inspiration and whatnot. It's also a collection of things for sensual living - music, literature, plus other topics I find fascinating.