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Couple's story

Putting on these characters was like slipping into my favourite yoga pants. They’re comfortable and - let’s admit it - they’re damn sexy when you get the right fit. There’s a reason Lululemon is as big a company as it is. 

It was like that with Tyler and Sarah, my favourite committed S&M couple. My first stories were written about them and recently I delved back into their world to finish their story. 

It was always my intention to turn Tyler and Sarah’s romance into an e-book, but while building this site, I got rather distracted. I even thought that Tyler and Sarah might just languish in obscurity, one day being relegated to the archives while another story came along and carried me away. 

I can’t say what it was that made me open up their story again. They just started talking and the only way to get them to shut up was to write it all down. But going back made me remember why I liked them so much. 

It’s been some late nights in front of the computer but I haven’t minded. I love writing. I’d like to think I’m a glamorous writer, wearing loose, silky clothing as I tap the keys with perfectly manicured nails. If I’m honest, though, I’m more like Johnny Depp from Secret  Window, wrapped up in a bathrobe full of tears and holes, with my hair standing up on end. But this is fantasy, so we can all just pretend the former.

That’s also what I’ve been up to lately. Not a lot of stories coming through as I’ve been focused on Tyler and Sarah. But writing is like turning on a faucet - or so said some famous author - you have to get the tap running and now that it is, I’m expecting some interesting things to flow forth.

Classy Erotic Stories>News