Feminist domination

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I've been concerned for a while as I put together this site that too many of my stories feature women submitting to men. I wonder if I send the wrong message, or if I'm revealing something negative about myself when these story lines feature so heavily in my writing. My goal has been to write some stories that feature women taking the upper hand in the bedroom, but those ideas don't seem to flow as easily as the others.

I found this article from the Globe and Mail during a mental break at work today and rushed home to read it and post it. The woman writing posts the same question I have: can a woman be a feminist and still be into being spanked, tied up and pinned down in the bedroom?

Apparently, yes, and in the article one of the author's sources poses it exactly the way I see it - we spend so much time being dominant in our daily lives that it's nice to come home and relinquish some of that power, to let someone else drive the sports car for a little while (as long as it's part of a respectful relationship and consensual - physical, verbal and emotional abuse is not okay).

I'm reminded of an inebriated conversation in the pub one night in which one of my girls complained how her booty call ended up not with sex, but with watching a snowboarding movie because her guy failed to take the initiative. One of our alpha male buddies piped up, annoyed with this guy, saying that when a woman calls at 11 o'clock at night she doesn't want to watch a movie - she wants her guy to grab her by the throat and throw her up against the wall. 

I still think I'm going to write some of those female-dominant stories. You know, for variety ;)

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