Anais Nin's sensual style

Shopping on a Friday afternoon I found Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus on the bargain table at the local chapter of … Chapters. Right there, just laying out in the open. I guess after 50 Shades people are no longer worried that they’ll burst into flame for cracking open a book with ‘erotica’ on the cover. 

I’d describe it as more sensual than sexual. Perhaps it’s just my imagination, but the picture that Nin paints from her words and phrases brings the scene to life and she relies less on the mechanical descriptions of sex. She talks about her style in the introduction and the reasoning behind her choice to write like this. I find it fascinating as a writer that an author creates action through description rather than verbiage.

I might try out Nin’s style in the future. My latest story, Surface Scars, relies more heavily on setting and background than others. It’s a little violent, too.