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Casual sex

I have to go off on the fact that a new study suggests that most women aren't getting off in casual hook-ups - and apparently they're OK with that.

I think it's the second aspect of this article that truly bugs me. For whatever reason, women seem to think that their pleasure isn't as important as their partner's. Or worse yet, it's better to be with any warm body regardless of whether he cares for you, so long as you're not alone. I understand being lonely and not wanting to sleep alone. And I get that not every tango will end with an orgasm. But it seems as though women are regularly giving up sexual fulfilment. 

We're reaching a place where women are not (as often) judged for casual sexual encounters. Just like we demanded freedom from imposed sexual mores, we can demand that our partners understand our needs and wants. Heck, rather than demand, we can teach them. Give the guys some credit - they want to learn what makes us tick (and quiver, and shake). Rather than making them learn by trial and error - albeit that's sometimes fun, too - give them some direction ... move a hand here, his lips over there. Hell, read some erotica first.

Most of all, though, women need to know that they are worth it. Any guy who dares to call himself a man will want you to feel special, cared for, even loved, if only for the night. Your desires are not secondary to anyone's - your fulfilment is just as important.