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Choose your own (erotic) adventure

I admit I felt a little pervy writing this one. 

The story structure is similar to the books we had as kids, the Choose Your Own Adventure series. As I wrote in the section's summary, I'd choose one path for my character which inevitably got him captured by jungle tribes and then have to go back and re-choose (read: cheat) the correct path that got me through to the end of the story. I don't mind if you cheat - you should read both parts.

I'll also admit that this one turned into a bit of a morality tale, which is why I divided it up into "being the good guy" and "being the bad guy." In reality, I don't judge Ethan's choices; the story headers are simply taken from what he says about the choices he's faced with. Sometimes I anticipate a specific ending to a story, and often that goes sideways and changes when the characters actually start talking. I quite like Ethan, and I expect to write more about him and the people he loves.

So, if you were Ethan, what choice would you make? Find out: Choose Your Erotic Adventure.

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