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Being the good guy

Even in his inebriated state, Ethan knew this wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted Amelia, sure, but not in some trashy, drunken fumble on the hood of her boyfriend’s car. He wanted a room with a view, so that they could watch the sun set over the water; share a bottle of expensive French wine; make love as many times as they could until exhaustion sent them both to dreamland.

“Amelia, I’m sorry - I …,” he didn’t know how to finish his sentence as he pushed himself off the car. He felt his cock twitch at the sight of her lithe body, one knee slightly raised and unconsciously fallen across centre, as if she was suddenly embarrassed at her lack of modesty. The flush in her cheeks was not passion.

She slid off the car, her skin making a squeak on contact with the shiny metal. She pushed passed Ethan, who remained silent, despite the disappointment and hurt on her face. That was another reason he liked her, he thought. She didn’t try to hide her feelings - she told people she liked them. Unlike he, who couldn’t tell her he liked her even if wild horses threatened to yank it from him.

He sighed. To his left, he spotted the additional cases of beer. He grabbed one, shutting off the light in the garage as he left.

Ethan walked back down the short hallway toward the kitchen. Kyle burst through the open door and pushed Ethan against the wall, holding him there with his thick forearm. “Where have you been?” he demanded.

Fear gripped Ethan. “Wh-what do you mean?” he asked. “I was grabbing another case,” he said, lifting the box of beer he still held in his hand.

Kyle leaned in close. “I need your help, man.”

Ethan, relieved Kyle wasn’t talking about the incident with Amelia, nodded. “Whatever you need.”

Kyle grinned, looking back over his shoulder toward the kitchen. “I got this chick, okay? Ready to go, ‘cept she’s a bit of a wild one.”

Ethan nodded and waited for Kyle to continue.

“Anyway, she’s into the kink, if you know what I mean.”

Ethan did. He admitted to himself he was more than curious as to why Kyle needed him in this situation. 

“She’s into the whole threesome thing, eh?” Kyle continued. “But not the usual - double penetration.” He paused. “Two guys.”

“I know what double penetration is, Kyle.” 

Kyle grinned again. “You in?”

“Me?” Ethan asked. “Why me?”

Kyle shrugged. “We’ve been at the gym enough times to see each other’s junk and not be gay about it. And I haven’t seen you in a while, buddy - thought maybe I could swing a little ‘nice to see you’ gift your way.”

Disappointment over Amelia tasted bitter in his mouth. “Yeah, sure, whatever.” 

Kyle slapped Ethan’s chest. “Awesome! Meet me in the master bedroom in five.” He headed back through the kitchen. 

Ethan shrugged to the empty hallway. In the kitchen, he put the beer in the fridge to chill and grabbed a bottle of tequila that was left open on the counter. He poured himself a shot and threw it back. Grimacing, he poured another. Then he headed to the bedroom.

As a relaxing fog settled over his mind and body, he pushed open the bedroom door to find a slight breeze from the open balcony doors fluttering the flames of little candles throughout the room. Ethan shut and locked the door behind him when he heard Kyle’s voice and that of a woman on the balcony.

A tall, blonde woman took several long strides into the room, stopping in front of Ethan’s surprised expression. Her long hair was further bleached by the sun as her skin was tanned. Without shoes, she could look almost directly into Ethan’s eyes, which she did. Ethan felt naked under her gaze, despite the red T-shirt and green cargo pants he wore. “Hi, I’m Ethan,” he said, raising his hand between them, as if to shake hers. 

She smiled, and slipped her hand in his, webbing her fingers among his. “Hi Ethan, I’m Samantha.”

Her gaze held him, but Ethan was unsure if it was her confidence or the tequila coursing through his system. The back of his hand brushed against her taut nipple as he lowered his arm. Samantha stepped closer, the satin fabric of her thin sundress billowing around them with the help of the summer breeze. “Where’s Kyle?” he asked.

Samantha looked over her shoulder toward the balcony. “He’ll be in in a minute,” she said. “He wouldn’t miss it.” She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “He likes to watch.”

Ethan nodded. Samantha stood on her toes and kissed him, her arms slithering around his neck. After a moment, his hands settled on her small waist, sliding down to grab a handful of her ample ass. This girl was all legs, ass and tits - the latter pressed against his chest. Ethan’s cock hardened, pushing against his trousers and into Samantha’s hip. When she broke the kiss, her hands slid down his chest and began unhooking his belt and pants. 

She sank to her knees, and Ethan saw Kyle standing in the doorway of the balcony, smoking a joint. The same grin as the hallway downstairs spread across his features. “You’re welcome, dude,” he said.

Ethan smiled as Samantha wrapped her lips around his cock, her hand firmly gripping his shaft. Ethan wasn’t was big as other men she’d been with, and she pressed his cock easily into her throat. But he was thick which made the wetness trickle between her legs. Ethan’s eyes closed as he buried his hands in her blonde hair. His cock went harder after every stroke, after every pull from that soft, warm mouth.

Grabbing handfulls of her hair, he pulled her up from her kneeling position, and kissed the mouth that was wrapped around his cock only moments before. Samantha smiled and pushed him backwards, where he fell onto the large bed. She quickly looked over her shoulder at Kyle before stepping gracefully out of her dress. It pooled on the carpet at her feet as she stood there naked. She crawled onto the bed, pulling Ethan’s red T-shirt off him as she did so. She kissed him. 

Kyle stubbed out his joint and casually crossed the room, tossing his black golf shirt onto the floor. He grabbed one of Samantha’s feet and flipped her off Ethan and onto her back. She giggled and playfully kicked at him. The king-size bed was big enough for all three, and Kyle lay on his stomach, his face in Samantha’s crotch. His lips and tongue went to work on her clit and the folds of her vagina, pulling, sucking and licking the sighs and moans from her. His hand slid up her inner thigh and his fingers found entry into her slick slit.

Ethan had slipped out of his pants and she reached for him. As Kyle kissed her cunt, Ethan kissed her lips, his hand caressing her breast and pinching her nipple. Her back arched and she moaned with her mouth against his. He did it again, this time harder as little rivulets of pleasure shot from her nipple to her cunt, where Kyle’s fingers massaged her intimate space. 

Samantha reached between Ethan’s legs and grasped his cock, her other hand tangled in Kyle’s tawny hair. She stroked his cock as Eli sucked and bit her nipples and Kyle did the same to her cunt. Her moans and cries became more frequent as her pleasure built, and Kyle slid his fingers, slick with her juice, slowly and gently into her ass, continuing to lick at her lips. The orgasm that was approaching backed off as her body experienced this new sensation.

“Fuck me now, both of you,” she gasped. 

Kyle stood up, pushing one of her legs across the other to expose her ass, which he slapped forcefully. Still in his khakis, he dropped his pants at the side of the bed, and opened the nightstand. He pulled out a bottle of lubricant, squirting a healthy dollop into his hand. 

Ethan lay on his back and Samantha straddled him. He was thick but she was slick and his cock slid home easily. Her manicured fingers tangled in the curly, dark hair on his chest as she slowly rose and fell on his cock. Her back was to Kyle, so she only felt his hand spread the cool lubricant on her ass.

Samantha slid off Ethan and laid on the bed facing him, while Kyle slid in behind her. She kissed Ethan and played with his cock, as Kyle eased his hard shaft into her ass. He spooned her, his hips gently thrusting until she relaxed and his cock slid in up to its base. “I’m in,” he whispered. 

“Come here,” she said to Ethan, guiding his hips over the leg pressed into the bed. Kyle was moving again, not patient to wait, but pushing against the resistence he still felt in Samantha’s ass. Ethan pressed his cock into that slick opening and like before he slid in easily. Her body was ripe for both of them. She wrapped her legs around Ethan’s waist. One arm went around his neck, and she pulled him close for a kiss, while the other reached behind her to hold Kyle close. Kyle’s hand slipped around her waist, while Ethan’s gripped her leg. 

It was hot and sweat sprang out on skin. They moved rhythmically, each pulling and pushing, driving home in opposite directions. Kyle’s hand roved downward to Samantha’s clit and with just a few flicks her orgasm rocketed through her body, leaving the boys grabbing on to her to avoid breaking contact. She writhed like a madwoman, thrusting her chest forward and then slumping back against Kyle’s chest. 

“You all right, baby?” Kyle asked her, breathless himself. 

Samantha only moaned in response. 

Ethan felt good, the new erotic experience thrilling him more than he expected. He didn’t know how much longer he was going to last. “I’m getting there.” His voice was hoarse.

“Then come for me, baby,” Samantha said. “I want you both to come for me.”

“Ready when you are, buddy,” Kyle said, his own voice ragged.

Ethan slid his arm under Samantha’s free leg and pulled her closer. A couple more thrusts and he said, “now.”

Kyle sped up, his pushing becoming more frequent and forceful. His fingers were again in Samantha’s clit and Ethan thought she might be coming again as his own orgasm spurt forth from his body. As the waves rocketed like lightening through his spine, he drilled his cock into Samantha as Kyle did the same. 

Panting, Ethan rolled away from Samantha and onto his back. He was vaguely aware of Kyle doing the same and heading for the bathroom. Samantha laid her head on his shoulder, in that spot god made solely for women’s cheeks. He slipped an arm around her waist, his hand lying casually on her ass. He fell asleep like that.

When Ethan awoke, sunlight was peeking over the horizon and streaming through the open windows. The shower was running, and he was alone in the big, king-size bed. He swung his legs over the side and sat up, as the blood pounded in his head. He dropped his head between his knees, and pressed the palm of his hand to his forehead. 

He stayed there for a few minutes, in the meantime the shower stopped running and Samantha emerged, naked as the night before, toweling her hair dry. She climbed across the bed and slid her arms around Ethan’s neck, pressing her breasts into his back. “Good morning,” she said, kissing his cheek.

“Mornin’,” he mumbled, trying to return her smile. 

“I’m surprised you’re still here,” she said, returning to the bathroom. 

“I am, too,” he said. Samantha wasn’t sure if he was referring to her or himself. Ethan picked up his clothes from the floor and started to dress. “So are you and Kyle dating?” he asked, rolling his eyes at his pathetic attempt at small talk. 

Samantha laughed. “Uh, no. We’re not dating.”


She emerged from the bathroom, this time in shorts that showed off her impossibly long legs and his red T-shirt. “Hope you don’t mind,” she said, pulling at the fabric. “Call it a memento.”

Ethan shrugged. “It’s yours.” He looked around the room and found a dresser with Kyle’s clothing. He grabbed a black T-shirt at random and pulled it over his head. He looked at Samantha standing in the doorway. She was younger than he initially thought. 

“Look, I’m going to sound like a total asshole right now, but I gotta get outta here,” he said. 

Samantha smiled. “It’s fine. I wasn’t expecting you to still be here. Thought we might avoid this whole awkward morning-after thing.”

“It’s not that,” he said. “I, uh, messed up last night with a girl and she’s the one that I don’t want to see this morning.”

Samantha nodded. “She told you how she felt and you ran away?”

“No. She wanted me and I ran away.”

Samantha grimaced, but still managed to smile at the same time. “So you like this girl?”

Ethan nodded. “And I totally fucked it up.”

“Well,” Samantha said, crossing her arms. “If you want to make it right, there’s only one thing to do at this point.” She paused and Ethan waited on her next words. “You have to tell her honestly how you feel. And no bullshit,” she said, wagging her finger at him. “She’ll know if it’s just a line.”

Ethan smiled, and Samantha finally walked across the room to give him a hug. Like a secret agent from the movies, he peeked around doors and corners until he was sure the coast was clear and made a break for his car. 

Classy Erotic Stories>Choose Your Erotic Adventure