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Being the bad guy

Ethan considered this for a moment. “I’ve always been a good guy,” he said. “I don’t think I know how to be any different.”

“Aw, poor little Ethan,” Amelia mocked, puckering her lips and kissing him on the nose. She smiled a wicked smile. “Would you like me to show you how to be bad?”

Ethan nodded. Amelia pulled his shirt over his head and pulled him toward her for another passionate kiss. He squeezed her breast, and she caught his hand and moved it down, between her legs. The soft fabric of her bikini bottoms was soft and as he pressed his fingers there her wetness soaked through. Ethan’s breath caught in his throat and he went down on his knees before her, pulling the strings on her bikini and sliding them off.

Her pussy was bare and Amelia shivered as he placed his lips there. He licked the length of her slit, kissing, sucking and probing with his tongue all the places her could find. He ran his fingertips up and down the back of her thigh, eliciting moans and purrs. Her hips began to gently buck, and Ethan had to firmly hold her in place while he finished his job. 

Her feet slid on the car’s shiny hood and her fingernails scraped for purchase as waves of pleasure broke over her body. Ethan’s cock hardened as he listened to her moans of ecstasy. As he pulled away, a trail of her juices ran down the hood toward the Porsche logo.

He braced himself on either side of her body and gently lowered his weight onto her. Her hands and fingers tangled in his hair as her mouth opened to his. 

Leaning on one elbow, he brushed her hair back with his free hand. “This isn’t all that comfortable,” he said.

Amelia giggled. “It always looks so sexy in the movies,” she said. “The car’s open - let’s just crawl in.”

The driver’s seat was leather - black, like the rest of the interior - and soft. Ethan reclined in the seat as Amelia climbed in on top of him. “This is cozy,” he said, as he undid the bikini top she still wore. 

“Not cozy enough,” she whispered in his ear as she undid his pants and pulled his cock free. She kissed his lips as she stroked his thick member. 

“I’m ready,” he whispered back, as Amelia slid her weight over his erection. She stayed motionless for a moment, letting him enjoy the initial union. Her hips started rocking slowly, drawing him almost all the way out before taking him all again, ever so slowly. Ethan tipped his head back and moaned, as Amelia placed kissed on his neck. The stubble on his face tickled her nose.

He sat up, plunging his hands in her red hair, and forcing his tongue into her mouth. He wanted to possess every inch of her. His hands gripped her ass, pushing his cock into her pussy further and faster. “I’ve wanted you for so long,” he said. “This seems like a hallucination.”

“I’m all real, sweetheart,” she purred.

His fingers dug into the flesh of her thigh, her ass and her back as his climax overtook him. He sunk back into the seat as Amelia nuzzled his neck. They sat that way for a few minutes as Ethan’s heartbeat returned to normal. He held her in his arms, feeling her soft skin, smelling her hair and felt his heart start to well. “We should get out of here before someone walks in,” he said, kissing her forehead.

Amelia pushed open the door and gingerly climbed out and went in search of her bikini bottoms, careful not to step on any of the broken glass on the garage floor. Ethan grabbed her top, which was lying on the seat next to him. He zipped his fly as he stood next to the car and watched as Amelia pulled on her bikini. He loved watching women dress. 

The door to the garage opened and in walked Luke. His eyes immediately went to the bikini top Ethan held in his hand as he stood behind the still-open car door. “What the fuck is this?”

Ethan opened his mouth to respond, and left it hanging when Amelia beat him to it. “It’s payback, Luke. You can’t think that you can fuck any starlet that moves all over town and I won’t find out about it, because I will.”

She skipped over the glass again to grab the top Ethan still clutched in his hands. She said nothing to him, not making eye contact. She pushed passed a shocked Luke, who wore a similar expression to Ethan, and slammed the door as she left the garage.

Ethan slammed the car door and ran his hands through his hair. He wanted to punch something. He looked at Luke.

“You should probably have that car detailed, man,” Luke said, turning to leave.

“I’m not detailing your fucking car.”

Luke looked back over his shoulder. “It’s not my car,” he said. “It’s Kyle’s.”

Classy Erotic Stories>Choose Your Erotic Adventure