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Classy Couples Erotica

Classy couples erotica is where I explore the psychological aspects of a couple's relationship through their sex lives.

I've always been interested in issues of control - how control is established in relationships, how it changes as the relationship evolves. You might have felt in relationships like you or your partner had the upper hand. But what happens when that balance of power shifts - and shifts regularly? How does a conservative-type of man react to a professional woman in command of her life and occupation? And how does she react when he wants to establish himself as the dominant person in the relationship?

Meh. Let them fuck it out.

Tyler and Sarah

These were two of the first characters I wrote about when developing this site. I turned their short stories into a full-length e-book, which I launched in late April. You can preview the book below with some free chapters, and check out the full story from the E-book section of this website. You can also download from Amazon.

After the crash

A horrific car crash brings Tyler and Sarah together for the first time. As they struggle to come to terms with the carnage they witnessed, they take solace in new intimacy that neither expects to last past morning.

In the club

Sarah convinces Tyler to see how the other half lives by visiting a discreet S&M club in their hometown. Despite his misgivings, Tyler goes along with it - but a surprise guest at the club has Tyler fearing for his future and his career.

Classy Erotic Stories>Couples Stories