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In the club

Tyler pulled his collar up and tipped his head down as much as possible during the few steps from the car to the front door of the club. He couldn’t believe Sarah talked him into this. It seemed like a great idea at home and in the car on the way downtown but once they were here it seemed like miles that he was exposed to anyone walking down the street.

He had to admit that Sarah looked cute in her outfit. It was a little black PVC number held together with about three metres of lacing that when he helped her cinch it up her tits pushed up into something from his favourite magazine. He took a quick peek over his collar and seeing no one hustled Sarah inside. 

The entry was small and well-lit, with a girl behind the desk dressed in a plain black dress. She took their coats and their membership fees, pulling back the lush red velvet curtain to let them pass. Tyler smoothed the lapel of his pinstripe black suit and followed Sarah inside, the shiny black plastic stuck to every curve of her body.

The lights dimmed significantly inside the inner sanctum, as people in all varieties of fetish gear milled about. Women in French maid costumes held champagne flutes while men in leather pants perched on couch arms. As they moved further inside, Sarah gripping his hand and pulling him along, the costumes got skimpier and stranger. Men in women’s underwear, full corsets and hookups winked at him as they walked by. Women in g-strings with black electrical tape covering their nipples was a common sight.

Tyler felt overdressed in his suit. 

Sarah found a small table with little stools, not much more than small ottomans, to sit on. They took it and each ordered a drink. They had good scotch. Tyler ordered a double. 

“How are you doing?” Sarah asked, a smile in her eyes. 

Tyler hoped she was having fun and not just as his unease. “I’m okay,” he said. The music thumped and people walked around them chattering away. A few people smiled as they walked by and each time Tyler dropped his gaze into his drink. In the dark, they couldn’t see the blush on his cheeks.

Sarah placed her hand on his. “You can look,” she said. “People here like that sort of thing.”

He picked his head up and looked around. People were dancing - a stripper pole was centred on the dance floor and some women were taking turns showing off their moves. They were pretty good and better than any stripper he saw while he lived in this little Podunk town. Other couples - or trios - were seated on the plush furniture on the edges of the room, kissing and generally entangled in each other’s arms.

“This all seems pretty tame,” he said to Sarah after a while. “Not much more than I’ve seen at some house parties.”

Sarah smiled. “Okay,” she said. “Do you feel comfortable enough to head off into some of the rooms?”

“The rooms?”

“Yeah, the rooms,” she said, still smiling. “The good stuff goes on in the rooms. You have to go looking for it and find what you want.”

Up the stairs they found private rooms with doors, private rooms with curtains and similar rooms with no doors at all. In others, naked women and men were strapped to crosses, leather and plastic-clad masters lashing and flogging the willing victims with cattails, crops and wooden rulers. The smack of leather on flesh combined with the moans and howls of the submissives. The sounds, the thumping music, the energy in the air and the effects of the scotch were starting to go to Tyler’s head. He felt out of body and clung tightly to Sarah to keep him grounded.

They rounded a corner and to find a naked young woman in a cage, wimpering for her master. Around another and a small group of people gathered at a doorway, looking inside. 

“What’s going on?” Sarah whispered to one of the crowd.

“Two couples are having sex on that bench,” the woman said before moving out of the way. Sarah took her place near the door, pulling Tyler with her. 

It was dark inside but Tyler could see the foursome, a man standing with his hands on a woman’s hips as he thrust into her from behind. She kneeled on the padded bench - it looked like a leather futon laid flat - kissing the breasts and nipples of another woman straddling a man who sat on the bench as well. The man massaged and caressed the first woman’s breasts too.

Tyler pulled Sarah closer to him, her plastic-covered ass pressing into his groin. His cock hardened, and Sarah pushed back ever so slightly, increasing the pressure and the pleasure. His fingers pressed into her hip. She reached up and slipped her arm around his neck, pulling his head toward her.

“Enjoying this?” she whispered in his ear. She slipped her free hand behind her and squeezed his cock through his pants. He nodded.

More people were crowding around and Sarah took Tyler’s hand and led him away. In another room they found a young man in the midst of being tied to a metal table. The dominatrix, dressed in a slinky silver dress and clear plastic stripper heels, looked up and smiled in recognition at Sarah. Sarah waved slightly.

Tyler looked at Sarah, leaning down to whisper in her ear. “You know her?”

Sarah nodded, not taking her eyes off the scene in front of her. “She’s a friend of mine. How do you think I found out about this place?”

“She runs it?” he asked. 

Sarah nodded. The man fully tied down with white, nylon rope, the dominatrix pulled out a thick black stick with a purple bulb on the end - it looked liked something out of science class. It hummed and the dominatrix began running it up and down the man’s arms and legs. 

“What is that?” Tyler whispered in Sarah’s ear. 

“It’s a violet wand,” she said. “It’s got an electrical charge, kind of like a cattle prod.”

The dominatrix tapped the wand on the man’s nipples and he spasmed on the table. Tyler sucked in a breath. “That looked like it hurt,” he said.

The dominatrix looked over and smiled, as Sarah said, “That’s the point, sweetie.”

Tyler took a deep breath and let it out as quietly as possible. Sarah sensed his discomfort and once again led him away from the scene. As they walked back through the hall, they passed the same naked girl, curled up in her cage.

“Let’s try this one,” Sarah said, pulling back a curtain. Inside the small room a contraption of straps hung from the ceiling. Tyler looked at it, understanding it was a swing - he’d watched a respectable amount of pornography for a man his age to recognize it.

“How adventurous are you feeling?” Sarah asked. 

Tyler blinked. “What?”

The room was small and Sarah pushed him back against the wall, kissing him full on the lips. She ran her hands over his body, pulling off his jacket and loosening his tie. He plunged his hands into her hair and kissed her back, opening her mouth with his tongue. He sucked on her ear and kissed her neck. He was out of his comfort zone, he knew that, but what he saw and heard, and having Sarah in his arms like this, pushed his arousal beyond what he’d experienced. His shirt and tie were off, puddled on the floor next to them.

Pulling back for air, their breaths heaving, Sarah looked up at him, her eyelids heavy, her mouth open and lips glistening. Her fingers played with the waistband of his pants. Tyler simply watched her as she undid the top button and pulled down his zipper. She sank to her knees, pulling him out of his boxers, never breaking eye contact with him. She did then what she always did - her mouth sucking, licking and massaging his cock all at one time.

Over his shoulder, he sensed movement and looking to his right, he locked eyes with no one he ever expected to see in a fetish club - his staff seargeant from the detachment, his superior, was staring back at him from the doorway. Tyler was stunned into silence, his mouth open but no sound emerging. The seargeant looked down at the pretty brunette latched on to his cock, raised an eyebrow and disappeared behind the velvet curtain.

Tyler closed his eyes and his head thanked back against the wall. He felt his hard-on disappear. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Sarah asked, looking up at him, still stroking his softening cock.

He took her hand away, pulling her to her feet. He zipped up his pants and put his shirt and tied back on as quickly as possible. “Let’s go,” he said, taking her hand. 

Sarah didn’t understand what happened in the seconds between him being harder than she’d ever felt him and then dragging her out the front door. They would’ve left without their coats if she hadn’t insisted. “Tyler I’m not going outside in nothing but a few scraps of PVC,” she said.

Out the front door he ran to the car, unlocking but not opening the door for her. He sat in the driver’s seat, looking straight ahead, as she got in. “What the hell, Tyler?”

He looked white, in shock. “I saw my boss in there,” he said.

Sarah raised an eyebrow. “When?”

“When you were blowing me,” he said. “He walked into the room and saw us.”

Sarah put a hand on his arm which he shrugged off. “He recognized you, then?”

He gave her a look that told her she asked a stupid question.

They were silent for a few moments and Tyler started the car. They got to the first stop light before Sarah tried again. “What are you worried about?” she asked. “Nothing going on there is illegal. We weren’t doing anything illegal.”

Tyler sighed. “It’s not that,” he said. “It’s just … not everyone is open minded.”

“I think he might be,” Sarah said. “He was there, after all.”

“I guess so.”

Sarah knew what was going on in Tyler’s head, how he worried about his career and how appearances affected that so much. His personal life wasn’t private when it came to the police force - if he rose through the ranks to a position of power any negative publicity around his life would reflect not only on him but the police as well.

She couldn’t help her disappointment, though.

They didn’t talk for the rest of the ride. Tyler parked the car behind his truck and they went inside in silence. Sarah went into the bathroom to pry herself out of her plastic dress. When she emerged, naked, Tyler was already in bed, his eyes closed. She sighed and crawled in next to him. 

Tyler slipped an arm around her waist, drawing her to him. She turned toward him and he kissed her forehead. “I did have fun,” he said, weakly. 

She smiled. “I know it was a lot to ask and I’m really impressed with how cool you were about it. I actually thought I could get you to fuck me in that swing.”

He laughed. “Well, you do know how to suck cock - learn to talk with your mouth full and you can probably convince me to do anything.”

She playfully slapped him and he caught her hand, smiling as he passionately kissed her. He slipped between her legs and pressed his cock, easily hard from the memory of the night, to her cunt, easily sliding in on her slick flesh. He slipped an arm under her lower back, sitting back on his heels and pulling her body onto his lap. Her head lay back on the pillows, her hands thrown up above her head. With his cock inside, her sex was exposed to him and as he pushed he easily stroked and rubbed her clit. 

Her eyes were closed as she writhed on the bed, her body tense from the experience at the fetish club. His fingers were wet with her warm, sticky juices. Her purring and moaning got louder and faster, and he felt her body suddenly spasm under his hand. Her muscles gripped his cock as she orgasmed, suddenly sending him over the precipice as he climaxed with her.

He gently placed her back on the bed and lowered himself on top of her, supporting his weight on his arms placed on either side of her head. He brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her delicately. She sighed contentedly and smiled, wrapping her legs and arms around him. 

It was nice. Still, that swing would’ve been fun, she thought.

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Classy Erotic Stories>Couples Erotica:Tyler and Sarah