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An Element of Control

They couldn't be more different. Tyler is a straight­edged police officer, who always follows the rules and does everything by the book. He drives a truck and opens doors for women. Sarah is a psychologist, who lives by instinct in her unending desire to try new things. But they have one thing in common – they both like to be in control.

Sarah and Tyler meet at the most gruesome of scenes – a major car accident on the highway. The chemistry is overwhelming and Tyler finds himself compromising his beliefs and his ethics to get closer to Sarah, who finds her skills at manipulation tested as Tyler's shell proves hard to crack. But as Tyler's work bleeds into his private life, their struggle for control of each other's emotions leads the couple into life­threatening danger.

An Element of Control is the first erotic novel by Verity Sweet, the wordsmith behind the website Sweet is a professional writer, who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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