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Stories previously featured on the main pages of Classy Erotic Stories. 

Short stories

Pickup Alley - Alley goes out for a drink on a hot night in the summer. Sitting at the bar, she picks up more than she expected. This erotic short story actually got a public reading by a professional dominatrix - she said she liked the way the words rolled off her tongue. For me, that's better than a four-star review. mf/cun

Arresting Behaviour - I have a thing for men in uniform. This was originally part of the Tyler and Sarah series, but just didn't fit for whatever reason. mf

School Friends - Lewis didn't know much about his wife's years at university. But a school friend staying for a visit might just give him some insight into his wife's past. mff/oral/

Halloweens past

Much of my world is ruled by the deviant moon, so I get super excited for Halloween - ghosts, demons, vampires and all the things that go bump in the night. Halloween is officially done for the year, but that doesn't make these stories any less violently erotic - even if they are just straight up male/female.

Bacchanalia I promised terribly violent.

Snake Charmer Vampires are so 2010, I know (damn you, Twilight!), but they always come back in fashion at some point. You just can't deny the appeal of living beautiful forever.

Refuge An attractive man saves your life today, but there's still a good chance that your life will end tomorrow. It's the apocalypse, so live every day because it's probably your last.

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