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Warmth of the fire

Megan let her fingertips trace the curve of her smooth, white breast, stopping to curl around her erect nipple. Despite the warmth from the fire in which she was nestled in front of, her nipples were hard and getting harder as John sucked and nibbled at the other.

She moaned, turning her slight smile toward the fire. She ran her other hand through his hair, dragging her neat and trim manicure across his scalp and down the nape of his neck. He nipped harder in response, sending a ripple of electricity directly between her legs, which were spread wide as John massaged her most sensitive parts. 

Her body relaxed at the same time it rose with every stroke from John’s confident hands. She turned her head and kissed him, full and deep, as his fingers slid back and forth over her slick clit. When they slid inside, just as full and deep as their kiss, her back arched to draw him in deeper. 

It was getting harder to breathe, as John quickened his stroke. Megan wanted to enjoy it, every last moment, remaining as relaxed as possible to savour the rise, to float on the edge of the cliff before diving off in a rush of pleasure. She stretched her arms above her head, letting out a little kitten moan. Reaching forward, she pulled John toward her for another lingering kiss. 

Her mouth open like her pussy, she wanted more of him inside her. His tongue exploring hers just like his fingers probed and stroked below. Her hips rocked in time with his movement, his fingers slick with her juices plunged deeper and deeper with each push. Warmth spread and Megan felt herself on the edge, knowing she was going over, but drawing every last second she could in this nether word between arousal and climax. It was her favourite part - if she was being honest - this moment before orgasm when the world fell away and she was in a state of unparalleled bliss.

John murmured in her ear as she cried out. She couldn’t make out what he said and it didn’t matter because she simply didn’t care. The waves of pleasure rolled through her, making her body limper and limper as she lay on the pillows scattered about the floor. As her rapid breathing eased, John’s lips whispered against the skin of her tummy, trailing kisses from her belly button to her lips. 

Still on her back, John slid his muscular frame on top of her, placing his chiseled forearms above her shoulders to allow himself to look down at her pale face. It was intimate, this face-to-faceness. He could see her half-lidded eyes look down for his cock, her slight smile as she took its weight in her hands, feeling its length and squeezing its girth, before guiding him gently to her slick, wet cunt. One smooth push and he was deep inside, her pussy gripping his member as he carefully drew it from her. 

Like Megan, he wanted to savour each push, withdrawing almost completely before sliding his cock back in. She dragged her fingernails down his back and up his ribcage, her touch light but alighting the nerves in his skin. The fire kept them warm, stopping the cold, moonlit night from entering their cozy den.

Megan felt his body stiffening; his breath on her neck coming faster and hotter. She wrapped her long dancer’s legs around his waist, squeezing him. He reached down and grabbed her thigh, pulling her toward him as his thrusts became more violent. A lock of blonde hair fell out of place and dangled across his forehead. Something between a moan and a sigh, the grip of his fingers in her leg, told her he found the same spot he brought her to only a few minutes before. She brushed the hair from his eyes, kissing his lips, his ear, his neck as his orgasm ended and his body relaxed into hers.

Classy Erotic Stories>Short Stories