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The swap

It was hard to hear over the music, and Kelly thought she’d heard wrong. A Jager buzz verging on full-out drunk combined with the flashing lights, throbbing bass and cigarette smoke hanging in the air made the world feel as if it were turning upside down. “He wants to do what?” she asked again.

“He wants to swap,” Evan said, his lips brushing her ear and his heavily tattooed arm wrapped around her shoulders, his fingers weaved into hers. She followed the direction of his pale blue eyes across the nightclub to where another couple stood, casually embraced like Kelly and Evan.

They met Rolf and Lissa earlier in the day at a tattoo shop in Berlin. Kelly and Evan were in the midst of a tour of Europe and on a whim landed in the shop to get ink to commemorate their trip. They ended up on Rolf’s table, an intimidating fellow at more than six-feet tall and filling up an entire doorway with his broad shoulders. With her pants off, Rolf’s strong hands held her body still as the gun seared an inky image into her hip. The crotch of her lavender panties was stained by the time he was through.

“What do you think?” Kelly asked, noticing Rolf’s girlfriend, Lissa, for the first time. She was small, with big, doe eyes that made her almost child-like. Kelly was taller, and although fit and athletic, was much curvier. 

“I wouldn’t have brought it up if I wasn’t interested,” Evan said, pressing Kelly to his thin, wiry frame. “Say ‘no’ and I’ll never mention it again.”

Kelly paused, thinking. “We’re here for experiences, right?” Evan shrugged. “My instinct tells me to go for it.”

“Should we talk this through, or just go on instinct?” he asked.

“Instinct,” she said, kissing him.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear as he squeezed her in his arms.

Kelly had a fleeting moment of doubt as she watched Evan leave with Lissa. Her head turned away, Rolf leaned in and said, “Evan told me you like to be dominated.” 

Rolf lived in a fourth-storey walkup off a street in an artsy district. Nearby buildings and vacant lots played host to graffiti and random pieces of modern art. His apartment, however, was clean and bright - photos and posters of his artwork lined the walls. Lissa didn’t live there.

Kelly looked around, as Rolf, leaning on the door frame to the bedroom, watched her. Her long, slightly disheveled reddish hair made her skin smoother and whiter, and he felt his cock hardening as he took in her firm breasts and round ass. He could still smell the scent of her pussy from earlier that afternoon. 

Crossing the room, he plunged his hands into that thick, reddish hair and kissed her, his tongue sliding next to hers as he felt the overwhelming urge to possess her, to press her body into his. His hands slid down her back and grabbed her ass, hoisting her off the ground as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to the bedroom, placing her gently on the bed and laying his full weight on top of her. Her hips pressed further open and she felt pinned beneath him.

They laid there, making out, with Rolf caressing her body and squeezing her tit, as Kelly pulled off his T-shirt, revealing what she already felt - a muscular torso covered in black and blue etchings. He pushed himself off her and sat in a chair in front of a desk at the foot of the bed. Leaning casually back, he said, “I want you to strip for me.”

Kelly smiled. “Do I get any music?”

He shook his head. “I don’t want you to dance - I want you to stand in front of me and strip off your clothing.”

Kelly stood in front of him, like she was told, and slowly pulled her tank top over her head, letting it fall to the floor a few feet away. She unbuckled her wide black belt and Rolf helped her slide it out through the loops of her jeans, folding it up in his hand. He motioned with it for her to keep going. 

She pushed her jeans down around her hips, revealing a light, pink thong with white lace edging and a pretty little bow in the centre. She turned her back to him, and with legs straight, bent at the hip and slid her jeans down her legs, her ass at his eye level. He ran his free hand up her thigh and placed a gentle kiss on her ass cheek.

Standing, her back still to him, she peeked over her shoulder as she unhooked her black bra and slid it off her arms. Her hands slid over her breasts in false modesty, her rock hard nipples grazing her palms as she moved them down her body and into her pink panties, letting them fall silently to the floor. His eyes roved over her body, from her hairless pussy, to her pierced belly button and the half-dozen tattoos once hidden by her clothing.

He pulled her toward him, lifting her right leg over his shoulder as he leaned in to taste her cunt. He gripped her firmly, ensuring she didn’t lose her balance, as his tongue licked and probed her soft skin. She tasted as good as she smelled.

After being with Evan for so long, Rolf’s touch was a sudden change. He was rougher, sucked harder and the thrill of not knowing what came next was intoxicating. 

Rolf pulled her leg off his shoulder and steadied her as he stood. Kelly sank to her knees, her hands on his belt and waist band of his jeans, which she unbuckled. Rolf looked down at her, smiling. His pants loosened, she pulled out his thick cock and wrapped her fingers around its girth, giving it a firm pull. It wasn’t terribly long, but it was thick and Kelly could feel the muscles in her cunt stretching at its size even before he entered her.

Rolf watched her lick his dick like an ice cream cone for a few minutes, committing the image to memory. Then he reached down and winding a handful of hair around his hand, pulled her off her knees, pushing her backward until she sat on the edge of the bed. 

“On the bed, all fours, look away from me,” he said. 

Kelly complied, slowly crawling away from him, a smirk on her lips as she peeked over her shoulder. Rolf dropped his jeans and pulled his own belt from them. He slipped the end through the buckle and wrapped it around Kelly’s wrists, pulling it like a noose until it was tight. The free end he tied in a knot around one of the spines in the headboard. Kelly was sitting on her heels, her hands tied together and attached to the bed on a short leash. 

“On all fours, and don’t let the belt touch the bed,” he said.

Kelly bent her arms and leaned on her elbows, her ass in the air. She could hear drawers opening behind her as Rolf moved around, but she couldn’t really see him. Her pussy still tingled from his oral attention earlier, and she felt wanton and exposed in this position. It felt good. She smiled and dropped her hands to the bed.

A wicked crack pierced the air and she heard the belt smack her ass before she felt the searing sting it left behind. She yelped, her breath catching in her throat. She braced for another pass but none came. Rolf leaned in and gently lifted her hands off the bed, making the belt that held her fast once again taught. “Each time this touches the bed, that’s 10,” he said.

Her heart started to pound, and a shudder went through her body. She was a little afraid; she didn’t know this man at all and yet she was tied to his bed, in his apartment, in a foreign city. Wetness spilled from her aching crotch.

Unable to resist, Rolf licked the small bead of juice that ran down her inner thigh. He loved a woman’s cunt - its smell, its taste, its feel. He pushed two fingers in to see how tight she was and brought them out, licking them and smiling. Kelly enjoyed it too, and dropped her head and hands to the bed to stretch her back like a cat. Rolf picked up his belt and brought it down firmly on to her ass. She yelped again, as Rolf’s cock twitched, and pulled her hands up so fast the belt holding her snapped taught.

Rolf whipped the belt again, drawing another yelp. “Count them,” he said, striking her again.

“I don’t know …,” she said, before the belt came down again. She sucked her breath in short bursts, her eyes watering from the pain. “How many …” another crack. She struggled to stay still so that her hands remained upright. 

“Better start at one,” he said, bringing the belt down again. 

“One!” she said, her voice wavering.

Another slap. “I didn’t hear that - how many was that?” he asked. 

“Two!” she said, louder. 

“I haven’t heard ‘one’ yet, though,” he said, bringing the belt across her backside. If Kelly could see him, she’d see a smile from ear to ear.

“One!” she shouted, loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

Another crack. “Two!” she shouted, loudly.

Finally, as he reached 10, Kelly’s ass was criss-crossed with red welts burning with heat. Rolf draped the belt over the chair and gently ran his hand over her hot flesh. Her head was down and she breathed evenly. He placed kisses across her ass, running his fingers up and down her inner thigh. He dipped his head to drink from her cunt. Kelly moaned, her legs quivering. “That’s my girl,” he whispered.

Her mind was overloaded from the stinging pain of the whipping and the pleasure from Rolf’s caresses. She breathed deep and let her body feel all of it, refusing to shut her senses down.

With his touch guiding her, Rolf had her sit on her heels, her head up, and turned her around so that she was now facing him, her arms above her head, bent at the elbow, with her hands hanging behind her head. Kneeling on the bed, she was still totally exposed, but she could now see Rolf - that he was naked - and the drawer full of toys open in the dresser at the end of the bed.

He kissed her mouth, stretching it open and forcing his tongue into hers. His strong hands ran up and down her body, squeezing and massaging her breasts, pinching her erect nipples. She was only able to make a throaty moan, her mouth filled with his. Rolf’s hand dipped between her legs, his fingers sliding in and out as he rubbed her clit. 

Breaking the kiss, he reached for a set of nipple clamps. He took her first nipple in his mouth, his tongue circling and teasing, his teeth nipping. He squeezed roughly to the point of pain before licking and sucking again. Over and over he alternated between pain and caresses until Kelly thought she might come just from the sensations. 

He blew cool air across her saliva-slicked nipple. So hard, he slipped the nipple clamp on and a bolt of energy shot from her nipple to her clit and she dropped her head back, moaning and gasping. He did the same to her other breast and she desperately wanted him to stroke her clit, slide his fingers inside her and make her orgasm - but she stayed quiet, aside from the crying out and moaning, knowing anything she asked for would result in the exact opposite. She and Evan had done this enough for her to know how the game worked - she’d just never played it with someone who knew it so well.

Rolf took a step back to look at her, bound and helpless and in total ecstasy. His massive cock was half hard, and leaning against the dresser admiring his handiwork he gave it a few absentminded strokes. Her lower lip quivered, slick with spit, her breathing ragged. He knew she was close and he wanted to bring her down a bit to play with her some more. 

Rolf picked up a bright-red ball gag from the dresser and as he moved to slip it on, Kelly’s brow furrowed. He hesitated slightly before pushing the ball into her mouth and securing the straps behind her head. She looked perfect and he resisted the urge to stroke himself off and paint her body white with his come. 

Guiding her once again, he had her turn around, her ass back in the air. Her breasts hung down, pulled by the weight of the nipple clamps. The sensation on her nipples was so lovely she didn’t realize she’d let her hands drop. But Rolf did.

The belt again cracked across her backside, which still burned with residual heat from the previous punishment. He heard her yelp from behind the gag and his cock hardened. Kelly wondered how long this would go on with her unable to count the spankings. She hung on to the belt around her hands, keeping it taught, as slap after slap came down on her ass. She stopped counting at 10. 

What felt like forever finally ended, and Rolf dropped the belt to the floor, panting with exertion. A fine sheen of sweat leaped out on his skin and he laid his body against Kelly’s, his cool skin pressed into her red and fiery skin. He reached his arm around her body and his fingers slipped into her cunt, still slick with her juice. Slowly, ever so slowly, he rubbed her clit between his fingers, hearing her moans start once again. 

Her juice spilled out over his hand and they were slick with wetness. He was hard and he slowly pressed his throbbing, thick cock into her warm wetness before drawing it out. He did it again, a slow rhythm to replace the pain with pleasure. Kelly sat up, her arms in front of her extended, and let her head fall back on Rolf’s shoulder. Her moans and yells increased with Rolf’s speed and thrust. He gripped her hips as her orgasm built, her body began to thrash and he grabbed a handful of hair to keep her steady.

The gag gave her the freedom to yell and cry out as loud as she wanted, and she wanted to be loud. Rolf’s cock split her in half, its girth stretching her pussy just like she knew it would. Nipple clamps sent bolts of pleasure to her cunt as Rolf’s cock massaged her from the inside. Her tender flesh screamed just as her clit reveled in the attention from his fingers. She ground back against him taking every ounce, every opportunity to unleash the orgasm that had been building throughout their play. 

It overwhelmed her with its violence and strength. Her pussy clenched around his cock like a vice, wave after wave of pleasure thundering through her body. Rolf kept pounding into her as her orgasm continued until she became a whimpering mess, her head rolled forward and she felt her body going limp. She bent forward, Rolf still pounding in her body, and with a handful of hair, he held her fast and pulled out of her warm, pulsing pussy and ejaculated all over her ass, the curve of her back and in her reddish hair.

Heading home

After her night with Rolf, Kelly heads back to Evan.

Classy Erotic Stories>Short Stories