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Arresting behaviour

Maddy stood at the kitchen counter, washing the last of the night’s dishes when she glimpsed a shadow walk past her window. The summer night air was cool, but the kitchen was warm, so she left the window open in hopes of a fresh breeze. But the passage of someone outside reminded her that night had fallen and she gently shut the window and turned the blinds. 

At the same time, she heard a key in the lock on the front door, which opened to the solid, compact form of Tyler, her new boyfriend.

She leaned against the counter, her back to the kitchen sink, with her arms crossed as she waited for him to come around the corner. 

“Honey, I’m home,” he called, as his heavy black boots trod across the linoleum. His face held a devilish grin as he crossed the kitchen, planting an arm on each side of her on the counter, and leaning in for a kiss. “I’m on my dinner break.”

As if on cue, his radio squawked  with chatter between dispatch and other officers. Maddy slipped her arms around his neck and shoulders and looked into his playful, dark blue eyes. “Are you hungry?” she asked.

He shrugged wrinkling his nose. Maddy placed her palms on his chest, her hands covering the pockets on the front of his grey, button-down shirt, and pushed. “Then back off, mister - I’ve got work to do.”

She said it all with a smile, and Tyler chuckled, taking a step back to lean on the counter next to the sink in the U-shaped kitchen. He crossed his arms and watched as Maddy put away the last dish, opening and closing the cupboard beside his head. Now she stood in front of him. She brushed her lips against his. “How long is your dinner break?” she asked, resting her hands on his belt. 

Within easy reach were the handcuffs, radio and 9mm pistol he carried at all times. He uncrossed his arms and plunged his hands into her hair, kissing her soft lips with gentle force. He pulled back with a slight gasp as Maddy pressed the palm of her hand into his belly, sliding it past his belt and into the front of his blue pants. She found his cock, half hard and straining against the fabric. Against the cinched belt, she couldn’t do much more than massage it, so she slid her hand back out and took her time undoing his belt.

As she pulled on the black leather, she looked up into his eyes, half-lidded with desire and anticipation. She smiled a slight Cheshire smile as her tongue flitted out along her bottom lip, leaving a shiny trail of moisture in its wake. The belt open, she methodically unbuttoned his pants, pulling down the zipped, before slowly sinking to her knees in front of him. 

He let go of her hair, gripping the counter for support, as Maddy pulled his cock free and wrapped her hand around its base. She pulled several long, slow strokes before laying it against her tongue, giving it a lick like her favourite ice cream cone. Tyler moaned and his head rolled forward as he looked down at her; she looked back, locked his gaze with her eyes, as the head of his cock disappeared into her mouth.

Maddy pulled and stroked his member as she kissed and licked. His gun - or as he called it, his weapon - and the handcuffs were just inches from her head. She wasn’t sure if it was Tyler himself that she liked so much - they’d only been dating for a few weeks - or just the fact that he was a Mountie and it was the uniform that made her panties wet. She liked his attitude, his command and control, his domination of her and others that was just his every day way of being. Yet he was still a sweetheart, with an easy sense of humour that made her laugh every time they were together.

His moans were deeper and his legs started to quiver. Tyler reached down with one hand, grabbing a handful of honey blonde hair, and pulled Maddy up to standing. He kissed her deeply, his tongue forcing its way into where his cock was seconds before. “Upstairs,” was all he said. 

They each peeled off pieces of clothing on the way to the upstairs bedroom. Maddy’s T-shirt went over the railing as Tyler draped his on the rail’s post. She ditched her capri pants and climbed on the bed, while Tyler stooped to unlace his boots. She lay there, in her underwear, as his pants and heavily laden belt dropped to the floor with a thunk. Maddy giggled as Tyler climbed on top, easing his weight onto her, pressing his skin into hers. He took a moment to look at her face, his own smiling, and she touched his eyebrow as she gazed back. “God, you’re beautiful,” he said.

He pushed himself back, kissing down her belly before sliding off her pink cotton thong and flicking his tongue into the soft lips of her vagina. She purred as that tongue pushed farther in, exploring the folds of skin alight with desire. Satisfied with where she was, Tyler kneeled on the bed and gripped her legs behind the knee, pulling her toward him. Her tight ass rested on his thighs and he placed one hand on her hip as he pressed his throbbing cock into her slick pussy. Like Maddy did to him, he gave her a few long, deep strokes to start. 

Maddy slipped her bra off as she stretched her arms above her head, arching her back at the pleasure she was getting. Tyler slowly and firmly thrust his thick cock into her, rubbing her clit at the same time. It was only a few sessions before he figured out her buttons and which ones needed the right amount of force. The sensation started to build, that inherent knowledge that this was leading to something good, and leading quickly. 

Tyler’s rhythm got deeper and harder and faster, sweat springing out on his skin. He slipped an arm under Maddy, into the small of her back, as she wound her legs around him. He was close, but her could feel she was, too, her wet, hot pussy grabbing at his cock each time he pushed.

Maddy felt the spring tightening, her muscles flexing as every cell in her body felt like it stood at the edge of  a cliff. As her muscles tuned in, her mind relaxed and she revelled in the seconds before the plunge. And plunge she did, as she was pushed over the edge suddenly, as waves and waves of pleasure washed over her. Amidst this, she felt Tyler’s finger dig into her skin, and it felt good. That’ll leave marks, she thought. His strong, muscular arms pulled her body to his at the same instant this his body pressed her form into the mattress. Tyler wanted to get every millimetre of his cock into her body as it gushed hot semen at the instant of his own pleasure.

As their shared orgasm subsided, Tyler slowly rolled onto his back, both of them panting from the intensity. Maddy slid her hand across his chest, feeling the sheen of sweat cooling there, and nuzzled her face into his neck. He placed a hand on her thigh. 

“Are you hungry now?” she asked.

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