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School friends

It was rare that Jennifer ever had friends stay at the manor. They often had guests but they were usually mutual friends, or friends of Lewis. He knew that his wife was a bit of a bookworm; she graduated at the top of her year at Carleton University and her mind was almost as sharp as her tongue. She had mentioned some friends, many of whom were scattered throughout the world, working for energy companies, or research foundations. Their impending guest, Cassandra Christian, had just returned to the country from an archaeological dig in Asia and would be staying with them for a little over a week.

Lewis was curious to find out more information about his wife’s past. Besides an infamous incident where she left a dead toad in her classmate‘s bed, Lewis was at a loss to find any intriguing information at all, about her activities or her lovers. He had assumed no information meant there were none.

Jennifer brought her friend back to the manor in the afternoon. They’d spent the day in the city, browsing the shops and picking up trinkets. Lewis was to meet them for dinner at home. Dylan, the couple’s son, was midway through his first year at a private boarding school in Montreal.

The two women were in the sitting room sharing a drink in front of a roaring fire. Lewis could hear his wife’s tinkling laughter as he walked through the passageway. She turned at the sound of his footsteps, a wide smile on her face and her eyes alight.

“Lewis, my darling,” Jennifer said as he kissed her cheek. “This is my very dear friend, Cassandra.”

The woman who held out her hand was the exact foil to his wife. Where Jennifer was blonde, Cassandra had raven black hair. His wife had a lily white complexion, while her friend was olive skinned, with inky black eyes. She had a slim, hour-glass figure compared to Jennifer’s lithe frame.

“Pleased to meet you,” he murmured. 

“So this is luscious Lewis,” she smirked to Jennifer, whose cheeks coloured slightly. Lewis simply raised an eyebrow. “Forgive me, Jenny,” she said as she turned to Lewis. “You see, I remember Jennifer at 18 not the wife and mother 10 years later.”

“Was that how she referred to me?” he asked.

“Luscious? Oh yeah. Drove us all batty.”

“Cassandra spent the last several years touring through China and Mongolia,” Jennifer said to her husband, desperate to change the subject away from her school girl days. “Lewis has been talking about going there for holiday for some time now.”

Lewis gave his wife a knowing look but allowed the conversation to shift. He had a whole week with this woman in his house. He was willing to be patient for history.

While the week proved to be ripe for Jennifer stories, Lewis got the most insight into his wife’s years at school during a walk in the garden. It was a warm spring day, with thousands of blooms on the manor grounds. The threesome meandered through the stone pathways, across lawns and through gardens. They stopped at a massive stone fountain overflowing with crystal clear water.

Lewis turned his back to the women and surveyed his grounds. The vantage point offered him an extensive view of the sprawling property. He was impressed, despite himself, when his attention was interrupted by a splash and a squeal.

The two women were soaked from head to toe and sitting in the fountain, the water splashing over their heads. Jennifer, giggling, with her white dress stuck to every curve of her body, waded to the edge and met Lewis’ smile. He watched as Cassandra came up behind her and pulled her back in, dunking her under the water. She looked at Lewis and he noticed a distinct glint in her eye as Jennifer came up for air. 

Her eyes locked on the wet pale blonde beauty and she gently cupped her face in her hands and kissed her deeply. Surprised, Jennifer didn’t pull away until the kiss was over. She felt her husband’s eyes boring into her.

“Terribly sorry, Lewis,” Cassandra said, feigning shock. “Seeing Jennifer again has just brought back so many memories. I couldn’t resist the impulse.”

“Memories?” Lewis asked, slowly walking toward his wife, his eyes locked on hers. He saw Jennifer pull back slightly as he came forward but she stayed rooted to the spot, kneeling at the edge of the fountain, waist deep in water. He cupped his hand gently on her face. “And here I thought my wife was completely inexperienced when I met her.”

Jennifer saw the glint in his eye he tried to hide. He wasn’t mad in the slightest, merely curious. “I told you you’re the only man I’ve ever been with.”

Cassandra sniggered and the couple snapped their attention to her. “The only man, of course. But all the boys wanted her,” she sighed. “But none were good enough, pure enough, smart enough … none of them were luscious. Only a few of us knew who she was talking about.”

Lewis realized his mouth was open, and quickly shut it. Jennifer turned her head to kiss his palm. “Are you disgusted with me?” she asked coyly, her eyes peering up at him through damp lashes.

“No. Surprised, maybe.” Lewis watched in rapt attention as Cassandra pulled his wife toward her and kissed her again. This time, Jennifer didn’t pull back. She put her arms around the dark hair woman, her thin fingers wrapping around her throat. Cassandra slid her hand into the front of Jennifer’s dress, pulling her breast free from the fabric. Lewis could feel his cock hardening, pushing at the front of his trousers as the two women knelt in the fountain, kissing, while water fell behind them.

Jennifer broke the kiss and held her hand towards her husband. He took it as she climbed out of the fountain. He did the same for Cassandra. The threesome found a patch of soft, spring grass in a patch of sunlight. Shivering, Jennifer stripped off her gauzy white dress and flung it onto a nearby stone bench, Cassandra having done the same. Lewis loosened his clothing but remained dressed in trousers and a crisp, white shirt as he propped himself on one elbow.

He watched Jennifer. She seemed unsure at first under his penetrating gaze but soon Cassandra was caressing her body, kissing her breasts and suckling her nipples. Her body was tense as she felt her husband watching. The women continued kissing, touching. Cassandra’s touch was softer than her husband’s, more subtle. 

He watched the women take turns pleasing the other, bringing each to climax. He resisted interrupting, in joining in, as he wanted to see what his wife did. As she tongued Cassandra’s clit, as she slid her fingers inside and as she pinched and rubbed the woman’s nipples, he resisted stroking his wife’s white skin. He resisted kissing her back, her neck. He stopped himself from flinging Cassandra aside as his wife was brought to orgasm by the kisses of a woman.

The three lay in the sun, quiet except for the lingering heavy breathing from Cassandra. Jennifer crawled towards Lewis and he wrapped her in his arms as he fell on to his back, her head on his chest. “That was beautiful,” he said.

She looked up at him, her blue eyes peeking out from dozy eyelids. “What can we do for you, m’Lord?” She smiled. “We are at your service.” As he kissed his wife, his clothes disappeared, the girls stripping them off him.

Lewis and Jennifer kissed and kissed, while Cassandra took his thick erection in her mouth. He moaned behind his wife’s kiss. Jennifer ran her fingernails over his body, kissed and suckled his nipples, while her childhood friend sucked his shaft. Jennifer moved to take over from Cassandra but Lewis grabbed a handful of hair.

“No.” He brought her lips back to his before pushing her gently onto her back. Lewis was taking control. “Kiss her,” he commanded Cassandra, and she obliged, putting her lips to Jennifer’s bare vaginal ones. He raised Cassandra’s hips, and slid into her from behind. He could look down on his wife, and she up at him. He watched her face contort with pleasure, felt the body of the woman in front of him contract, and very gently moved her aside. Cassandra didn’t hesitate and calmly watched as Lewis slowly entered his wife, still laying on her back.

He placed her hands above her head, caressing her arms. He feathered kisses on her mouth, her nose and her cheeks. She closed her eyes and moaned, her pleasure building quickly again. He moved slowly, drinking in his wife’s body. Her hips suddenly bucked and she let out a sharp cry. Lewis buried his cock deeper in her with every stroke. Her cries became louder, his name strangled in her throat. Her body convulsed against his weight and he joined her, his own passionate cry muffled against her neck.

He was still, her breath in rasps. He wove his fingers in hers, her hands still above her head. 

“Tell me, Cassandra. What else did you girls do at university?” he asked.

Classy Erotic Stories>Short Stories