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The hotel room was a white dream of cleanliness. The coolness of the air conditioner tickled Ariel’s skin as she lay on the soft mattress, surrounded by pillows, sinking further into the thick, downy duvet. The blanket puffed up around her, as if she were floating on a cloud. 

From the bed, she could see out the window into the harbour, framed by snow-capped mountains. The sun was setting, casting a warm yellow hue across the city outside. 

Ariel closed her large, dark eyes and smiled. Her silky black hair pooled around her, cascading over the edge of the bed. She could lay here forever, she thought.

Her eyes still closed, she could hear her boyfriend Micah turn off the shower in the bathroom. She imagined him stepping out of the shower, water beading across his chest, rivulets falling downward. He toweled off, hanging the damp towel on the back of the door and emerging into the room naked.

Micah saw Ariel laying on the bed, her knees drawn together and fallen to one side as her arms spread wide on the large bed. Her white and black striped sundress slid up, revealing her smooth, tanned legs and the hint of the curve of her ass. Micah reached down and stroked his hardening cock.

He quietly neared the edge of the bed, placing a hand gently on Ariel’s ankle and sliding it up her calf, where he leaned down to place a gentle, but lingering kiss. He looked at her face as he dragged his fingertips along her leg. She murmured, but her eyes stayed closed, a smile playing on her lips.

He kissed her knee again, gently opening her legs and trailing kisses up her inner thigh as his hand caressed the other. Ariel shifted, letting her legs fall open as Micah placed kisses on her light pink, cotton panties. 

Ariel lay on her back, her arms stretched over her head in abandon. She tilted her head to the side, opening her eyes slightly, to peek at the top of Micah’s head. She ran her fingers through his dark hair, and he smiled up at her. His face clean shaven after his shower rubbed against her thigh. 

He crawled up the bed slowly, careful where he placed his hands alongside Ariel’s curving body. He hovered just above her, lowering his head just enough to kiss her lips. Her fingers ran lightly over his arms and his chest, wrapping around his shaft for a long, slow pull. 

Micah slipped her sundress off, letting it pool on the floor without care. His hand lingered on her breast, squeezing its fullness and teasing her nipple. He then slid off her pink panties, revealing smooth skin as he ran his hand over her body. Ariel sighed. Micah’s head dipped to where his hand had just been, feeling the smooth skin with his tongue and his lips, teasing open her body and tasting the warm liquid within. 

As he tongued and kissed her intimate parts, Ariel gave herself over to pleasure and relaxation. She could vaguely hear the hum of the city outside her window, but little else. Micah’s hands on her body, his gentle sucking on her cunt, his fingers probing into her led her to a state of bliss - not yet orgasm, but pleasure that she gratefully accepted as she lay on that fluffy white bed. 

Micah couldn’t stand it any longer - her smell, her taste and her sounds. Sitting on the bed on his knees, he pulled her body toward his, sliding her lower body onto his thighs as her cunt met his cock, slowly drawing it inside. He stayed there for a moment, then just as slowly withdrew his cock almost its full length before plunging back in. 

Ariel still laid on her back, letting Micah make love to her body. She let him worship her, watched as he licked his thumb and stroked her clit as his cock massaged her from the inside. She closed her eyes again as the pleasure radiated through her body, driving her toward that cliff edge that she hoped would come soon, but then hoped it wouldn’t, because this moment felt so good she didn’t want it to ever end. 

But her pleasure continued to climb and it took willpower for her to just lay back and relax and let her body follow Micah’s rhythm. Her orgasm came over in waves, like it always did, but much softer and longer, and she rode that pleasure as Micah did, and he came with her.

Spent, Micah placed Ariel’s hips back on the bed and sunk his weight on top of her, cradling her head in his arms and placing a deep, lingering kiss on her lips. The air conditioner hummed faintly in the background.

Classy Erotic Stories>Short Stories