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My first e-book

I always liked the writing part best. It's like a musician who tries to make a living by performing and recording. They like the creative aspect, but after awhile the business side of the arrangement starts to drag you down, kill your buzz. I get that.

I'm a writer by trade, so creating a full­length novel for my erotica site wasn't an overwhelming project. I broke it down into sections, created a map of where I wanted the characters to go, and plotted some points along the way to make the journey interesting. The writing is fun and it's what I've been doing the last few months that I let my website languish a little.

Well, I'm about to repay you for my inattention.

This week I launched my first e-­book. It's kind of like having a baby, which is cliche, but the analogy works. I created this little thing, nurtured it, got some help and advice along the way, and now it's all grown up and ready for the world. I hope you like it.

I named it An Element of Control. It's basically an expanded story of Tyler and Sarah, a couple that I've been exploring through short stories over the past year. I like them and decided to get deeper into their characters by writing a book. That, and the characters just wouldn't stop talking.If you're a writer, you'll know I'm not schizophrenic and you'll understand exactly what I mean.

So yes, my baby is done and ready for download. You'll be able to purchase directly from my site or through Amazon. Please keep in mind that Amazon takes a cut of my profit, so downloading directly from me means I get to keep more of my hard­earned money. Until tax time.

Anyway ... I'm charging just a little for this book and here's why: I am a professional, like I said above, and I had this book professionally edited by one of my fellow professional writers. I put serious effort into this, despite how much fun erotic is to write. It also costs me some dough to host the site and produce content for it, so I'd like to at least break even on this venture, even if it is an enjoyable hobby. And I believe creators should get paid for their work.

You can still read a couple of chapters for free at the Couples Stories section. Now that Tyler and Sarah are done for the present (I've already had a request for a sequel), I plan on developing a few more of my favourites for this section. So stay tuned.

But, my baby. Yes, it's here. Follow the link and ... happy reading!

Please follow the link to download An Element of Control directly from Classy Erotic Stories.

You can also purchase An Element of Control through, but it's a little bit more expensive. Please follow the link for more information.

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