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Friends with benefits

Inspiration for my latest story came from a conversation I had with one of my girlfriends not too long ago. I was lamenting my sad love life and wondering out loud about why I had these amazing male friends, but none of them turned into boyfriends. It just seemed like the moment to go from friendship to loveship was somehow missed among all the concerts, Friday night drinks and all-nighter conversations. I thought I gave out all the signals. I thought they (he, whatever) simply didn't see me in the same way. It was about then that I realized ...

I should've just kissed him.

Remove all doubt. Just go for it. Life is too short to leave a trail of 'what ifs' behind you. If there was one thing I could say to my younger self, it would have been to just follow your heart and take a chance - because regret feels so much worse than embarrassment.

I'd also tell my younger self to wear the bikini. But that's a story for another blog post ;)

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