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Romantic Erotic Stories

Sometimes you just want to be wooed. 

With all the easy access (pardon the pun) to sex, violence and pornography on the Internet, we tend to forget the subtleties of love - the joy felt at receiving a dozen roses, the butterflies at an unexpected note of affection from a special someone or the elation as his or her hand brushes against yours.

These romantic erotic stories differ significantly from others on this site; they don't graphically depict sex but rather suggest it. They're designed to evoke feelings of first love, that rush of oxytocin that is so addicting about attraction. 

Sometimes it's not about the sex; sometimes it's about love and romance.

Into the West

In the frontier west, injury and death are a daily threat to the lives of the people at the forward thrust of expansion into unknown territory. Caty, a midwife, is often called to solve more medical problems than just delivering babies.

New old friends

Alexandra thought her family's annual retreat to the Aylward estate would be the bore it usually was. That is, until she catches the eye of the host's eldest son.

Classy Erotic Stories>Romantic erotica