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Sensual music

It’s hard to be inside on a clear, sunny day, which is one reason I haven’t found myself in front of a computer these last few weeks. I was out kayaking, watching a major league baseball game and touring through Experience Music Project. Surprisingly, it wasn’t EMP that made me consider the relationship between music and sensuality - it was actually the kayaking.

Picture this: we’re out on the water, it’s mirror calm, and the sun is setting before us as the plump, full moon rises behind us. It’s warm, not a lick of wind anywhere. The water reflects the blazing yellow and orange in the west as nature puts on its own pyrotechnic display. We turned back, heading toward the rising moon and as I caught the scent of drying cedar mixed with the heady scent of fireweed, I thought of this song: Leonard Cohen’s Closing Time.

It contains one of my most favourite lyrics of all time: the moon is swimming naked and the summer night is fragrant with the mighty expectation of relief. And I experienced in life what that song lyric was all about. 

So I’m feeling a bit inspired. We’ll see where this goes …

Classy Erotic Stories>News