Smut sale!

It was such an exciting time last summer. I'd just written, edited and uploaded my first e-book - and then I promptly fucked off for the summer. And the fall. And now it's winter and I'm posting for the first time since ... well, you know.

I went back to school in the fall, so combining a master's degree with full-time work proved too much for even a workaholic like me to complete all my ongoing projects. So I let the website slide a bit. But now I have good news ... 

I'm putting my e-book, An Element of Control, on sale! For less than the cost of a single on iTunes, you can have oodles of fun with my erotic tale. It's now $0.99 through my website via PayPal or through Please buy directly from me, though - I only get about 30 cents from Amazon from every copy I sell but I get to keep all the money through PayPal. Be sure to follow the link from PayPal once the transaction is complete to get to the download site.

There's also bad news. I might not be totally back in the swing of things just yet, so the e-book might be your only new material for awhile. And even though it's been available for awhile, I know a lot of you haven't bought it, so it's new to you ;)

Feedback is always welcome. A review on Amazon would be lovely, or shoot me an e-mail with your ideas for new stories. I'm always looking for inspiration!